Thursday, 1 March 2012

Moon and Planets in Catalonia - Figueres

The Emporda newspaper reports:-

The DDG of the NASA research center published a picture of the day (yesterday for the reader), a photo of astrophotographer Juan Carlos Casado, taken last week to Figueres to illustrate the alignment of Venus and Jupiter view from Catalonia. Both planets will be unusually close together this month, with the exponent on March 15. The next conjunction will occur in May 2013. 

"Moon and Planets in Catalonia" is the title of the information offered by NASA yesterday to their website.

 "To see the lineup only has to look to the west in the evening," explained, adding that the combination will be easily visible because Venus appears brighter than any star in the background, and Jupiter will be too bright. In the picture, "a bright crescent on the right of Venus, while Jupiter appears at the top of the image." 

Was photographed from a sculpture "represents the legendary battle between a warrior and a dragon." 

The picture was taken from the sculpture of Catalonia square with the image of the bottom three stars.

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